Trump’s comment about “shithole countries” forces U.S embassy in Haïti to lockdown


Haïtians gathered at Port-au-Prince on Monday to protest President Donald Trump’s alleged racist remark when referring to El Salvador, Haïti, and African nations as “shithole countries” during a meeting last week at the White House.

The vulgar remark was said during a negotiation between President Trump and a bipartisan group of lawmakers about the Trump Administration’s decision of removing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival that protects young immigrants from deportation.

Following this decision, angry Haïtian protestors marched up to the U.S embassy in Port-au-Prince holding anti-trump posters and throwing rocks at the national police officers guarding the embassy.

This decision to end the program removes temporary legal residencies to more than 50,000 Haïtians that fled their country after the 2010 earthquake and among them, children that grew up in the U.S and considered themselves to be American.

Although some of the members present at the meeting including Vice president Mike Pence deny Trump’s comment, others such as Senator Richard Durbin argues the opposite. Durbin asserted that when he got to Haïti’s case, Trump suggested that they should bring in more people from Norway and Asian countries instead of Haïti because he believes that they are of bigger help to the American economy.

“Trump says a comment and then so many people try to explain it in different ways and try to give him excuses, but what’s said is said,” said Sarah Ganzon, Mass Communications professor at Concordia University. “I think this has to do with freedom of speech but free speech is not free of consequence,” she added.