1Milk2Sugars Doubles Its Sales as It Expands Its Wellcare & Lifestyle Client Base

1Milk2Sugars has experienced solid growth in 2018, almost doubling its sales from the year prior. The growth is driven by the addition of new clients in the expanding “Wellcare” category, which is the holistic convergence of food, fitness, health and beauty. Some new international brands that entered the 1Milk2Sugars roster include Centrum Multivitamins, The Endy Mattress Co., Laline Bath & Body, Kombi Sports Inc., Welch’s and Nature’s Touch Frozen Fruits as well as the privately owned SweatFX Infrared Sauna Studio in Montreal and North Medical Spa in Toronto.

“By leveraging 1Milk2Sugars’ extensive industry knowledge, research best-practices, creative storytelling and influencer know-how, our team is poised to guide these brands and their messages to the forefront of their category.” said Priya Chopra, President & Founder of 1Milk2Sugars Communications.

“Having conducted the upfront research on all of these recent pitches we’ve observed several cultural trends converging. Mindfulness is at an all-time high and health span is trending over life span. The idea of Wellcare encompasses self-care, care for the planet and conscious choices in all areas of life from food to fitness to beauty and beyond. This is wellness 2.0! A movement primarily lead by millennials and being adopted by an aging population looking to live healthier – longer. These very relevant findings can and should be considered across all lifestyle brands.” said, Ruth Goudie, Vice President of 1Milk2Sugars.

1Milk2Sugars has invested in its Wellcare division with recent hires and industry research, foreseeing this new category as a core business driver for the agency in the months to come.